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Zip and Unzip are a very common activities for a computer user. A user normally uses the zip utility to compress a directory to create a zip file. There are many ready-made software such as winzip,7zip, and winrar that are available to achieve this. However, it is also possible to protect the zip file with a password so that the end user has to provide the password to unzip the zip file. This is the very common scenario that can be achieved by a zip utility tool. The significant part of my article is to provide you with the solution to achieve this using a Java program. While developing the project you may encounter a scenario in which you have to create a password-protected zip file that can be unzipped by any zip tool like winzip. Let me provide a complete scenario for your understanding. In a system, some files are generated for a user and all the files are zipped... (more)

Factory Design Pattern - An Effective Approach

As you know the Factory Method Pattern or popularly known as the Factory Design Pattern is one the design patterns under the category of "Creational Design Pattern". The basic principle behind the pattern is that at runtime we get an object of similar type based on the parameter we pass. There are many articles on this pattern and developers implement in various ways to achieve it. In this article I will show you how to create a better and most effective way of designing factory design pattern. Technicalities As I have told you we will get a similar type object at run-time in the ... (more)

Java Serialization without Serializable Interface

The title of this article seems unpleasant as it talks about serializing java object graph without the use of Serializable interface. It is true in case of Core Java. We know that to serialize a java bean we have to implement Serializable interface ( let us not consider the Externalizable interface ).In this article I will show how it is possible to serialize a java object without implementing Serializable interface using a library from a famous organisation called Jboss. In this small post I will make you familiar with “Jboss Serialization”. Technicalities As you know in case o... (more)

Singleton Design Pattern – A Lion's Eye View

A few days ago when I was in my home town, one of my sub-juniors from my colleague attended an interview in an MNC and was severely injured in that interview process. I mean he could not qualify the interview because of the difficult questions fired by the interview panel. When I came back to Bangalore, he sharedthe embarrassing situation he confronted during the technical interview. Based upon his experience today I am writing this article on the Singleton Design Pattern. By the way my junior colleague has nearly four years of experience in Java. One of the controversial questio... (more)

JavaBean Validation with javax Annotation and Hibernate Validator

As you know modern programming paradigm suggests validating a java bean with annotations. A java bean can be validated in many ways. You can refer to my earlier article on bean validation .But we have to opt for the simplest and the robust one. With the introduction of java annotation feature, programming has become easier and lets developers to write less code. In this article I will show you the significance of Hibernate validator and javax annotation in a java bean. The api provided by hibernate validator and javax annotation has made developer’s life much easier to put valida... (more)